Tea and Coffee Pops

Iced Tea Pop I realise that juice pops and frozen bananas are not, strictly, sugar free. Fruit does have sugar in it (fructose), although not refined. For those for whom fruit sugar is a problem, and for something slightly more adult, you can try making pops from coffee and tea. The flavour comes through quite well, and you can use your favourite sweetener if you feel it needs it. Herbal teas can work quite well (the photo above is a rose/licorice tea), but brew them quite strong!

Kids with ice pops

Back to juice pops – I wrote in my previous post that the kids in our family loved them. On the right is the proof – a photo showing my brother, sister and I enjoying them on a summer day in upstate NY.

Our favourite flavour was grape, but since my mother was usually faced with melted grape pop-stained clothes, she pushed us toward orange!

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2 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee Pops

  1. What a great picture! I recently found a fantastic recipe for popsicles, but it’s horrific in terms of additives – using both kool-aid (I have mine religiously shipped by the inlaws!) and jello. For whatever reason the jello makes it work – it gives it that icy consistency of real popsicles. Smoothies also freeze really well to make ice pops. Yum!

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