Election 2007 – Enda Kenny, TD

Enda Kenny My brother Sean recovered sufficiently from his chocolate tasting in Dublin (yes, I’m still jealous) to find Enda Kenny, the leader of Fine Gael. Sean reports that the possible future Taoiseach was warm and friendly and clearly has his finger on the pulse of the ice cream community (see position statement below).

Here’s the fact file:

  • Candidate: Enda Kenny 
  • Party: Fine Gael (Leader)
  • Constituency: Mayo
  • Flavour: Caramal (Honeycomb)
  • Position on ice cream: “I love ice cream. I would have it for breakfast.”

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3 thoughts on “Election 2007 – Enda Kenny, TD

  1. My own position on ice-cream: love it, all day every day, have baths in the stuff!

    Favorite ice-cream: Haagen Daaz praline and cream – by MILES!!

    Political Affiliation: the green party because they remind me of mint choc ice-cream!

    just found a new online election game called Diy Cabinet. If you play it you can win tickets to electric picnic. Politics and ice-cream has never been so appealing.

    You can play the game at


    ps did enda eat above ice-cream and go chocolate tasting on the same day?
    He’s a right jamie dodger!

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