Feile na Bealtaine

Feile na Bealtaine Feile na Bealtaine, the annual May arts festival, is back in Dingle from May 1-7th. Anyone coming to Dingle during this time (and I highly recommend it) is in for a real treat.

The theme is Dingle’s links with Santiago de Campostella in Spain, since Dingle was one of the recognised leaving points for the pilgrimage. The festival kicks off with the Jeannie Johnston sailing off bringing pilgrims across the waters.

Some of the festival highlights are performences by Aslan, David Kitt, Mary Black, Scullion, The Four of Us, and Moya Brennan of Clannad fame.

There is also plenty of theatre, art exibitions, lectures, etc… Programs and tickets are available through the festival office on Main Street. The website is here.

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3 thoughts on “Feile na Bealtaine

  1. Hi Kieran,

    Since you brought this up, I have a question. I won’t make it for the festival, unfortunately, but I’ll be spending four days in Dingle starting 25 June (a Monday). Since I’ll be coming from Belfast, I’ll have to take an early train to get to Tralee before the last bus leaves–but so I know just how early, would you happen to know where I might find a timetable? Much appreciated!

  2. Through Google I found this post of yours. Thank you. I’m curious. . .as someone who lives in Dingle and obviously has attend the Bealtaine festival. . .can you tell a first time visitor if there will be a published “flyer/brochure” telling where all the activities will be. I have looked on the official website and don’t see an actual “schedule”. My trip to Ireland was timed specifically so I could attend this festival. It has been hard to make the plans a year out when the schedule is not confirmed till April 1.
    As it is, we land in Dublin and drive immediately to Dingle. Considering we start in Portland, Oregon, USA it will be a VERY long day but I want to be there before Friday evening.
    Do you have any suggestions or special things you know we should not miss? anything is appreciated.
    BTW, I love the whole Ice Cream theme. I am a rocky road snob. Must be made with Walnuts, not peanuts, not almonds. (smile)

  3. It’s a brilliant time to be in Dingle, and it’s definitely worth a trip. They do publish a flyer of events, but it usually comes out quite close to the festival. I’ll try to post something on the line-up when I have it, and I’m sure it will also appear on the festival website.

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