Kahlua Brownies

Kahlua Brownies Once Upon A Tart  is hosting a brownie day, so I used that as an excuse to bring out the chocolate and get back to brownies. I wanted something with a coffee kick, so here’s my moist, dark Kahlua brownie recipe:

Dark Chocolate Brownies with Kahlua

Servings :8 Preparation Time : 00:45:00 (including baking)

Categories : Pastries


250 grams chocolate (70% cocoa content)
165 grams butter @ at room temperature
3/4 tablespoon natural vanilla
300 grams sugar
100 grams flour
3 each egg
100 ml Kahlua Liqueur


1. Preheat the oven to 180 C.
2. Butter and flour an 10 inch square baking pan. Set it aside.
3. Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler. Mix until smooth.
4. Beat the sugar and eggs together.
5. Add the vanilla.
6. Slowly pour in the chocolate and butter, mixing all the time.
7. Sift the flour, then add, mixing thoroughly.
Brownie with Honeycomb8. Stir in the Kahlua.
9. Pour the batter into the prepared pan, and bake 25 minutes (a knife should come out just about clean).
10. Allow the brownies to cool slightly. Then cut them into squares and transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
11. Caramel ice cream is a great accompaniment for these

Note: If you’re in the UK or Ireland, please read my comments on flour, or you will be very disappointed with the results!

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9 thoughts on “Kahlua Brownies

  1. Kieran, I only just found your out while reading Lauras blog. I was always wondering where is the famous shop and then I realised I had walked past it the last time I was in Dingle. There was queues out the door. The next time I’m in Dingle will definitely have to make the trip and get some of the amazing ice-cream.
    My god – my mouth is just watering at these, I often make these with a dash of rum as well and they taste pretty good. Found another recipe last week – double chocolate brownies using white and dark chocolate, the taste was good if not a bit rich and definitely highly calorific. I was trying to be good and not make any more for a while but now I’ve just got to try those with kahlua. Great blog and fab pictures.

  2. Hey from Saint Louis, Missouri. I came across your blog searching for brownies using liquer. I noticed in your picture that your brownies were fudgy with a bit of crumb at the top. I have an awesome recipe using about 4 ounces of liquer and I make them quite a bit. I’ve noticed that mine are fudgy with crumb but they are delicate. Are your brownies delicate with crumb?

  3. Thanks for the recipe, I made them last night and my work colleagues are enjoying them today. They’re nice and moist and you can really taste the Kahlua!
    I also made beetroot brownies as beetroot’s in season, is naturally sweeter and has an earthy depth that lends itself well with chocolate I think. Don’t think my colleagues are as fond of this version lol although they’ve not tasted them either. I like them. But they think I’m just strange especially as they followed on from chocolate and courgette cupcakes and butternut squash muffins. They ask why I’m trying to incorporate vegetables in desserts. I ask, why not?

  4. Yeah I think so, but I grated the beetroot on the grater setting you might use for cheddar as opposed to a finer setting, so the strands where thicker and longer then I think they should be. As the vegetable has a stronger texture, I think ideally the gratings should be quite small so they integrate more and are less individually noticeable when you’re eating the brownie. But you should definitely give it a try. Though I think serving them with my beetroot ice cream was overkill! Lol Eating beetroot ice-cream is a very strange experience indeed not least to get your head around the idea.

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