Cycling in Killarney National Park

Killarney Boats I have written here before about Killarney National Park, and I still remain in awe of the beauty to be found within its boundaries.

Killarney Swan

Just before this busy weekend, I had to visit our shop in Killarney to drop off a few things, and I decided to bring along the bicycle for a spin in the park. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before!

After I was done with my errands, I pulled out the bike and spent a few peaceful hours with the birds and the scenery. The park is a cyclist’s dream, with perfect paths along the lakes and good protection from the wind that usually makes cycling in Kerry a challenge.

I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Killarney, since you will see much more than if you were on foot. If you don’t have your own bicycle, there are places in town to rent one. Pack a lunch if the day is fine, roll up your trouser legs, and head away…

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3 thoughts on “Cycling in Killarney National Park

  1. It looks beautiful! Yet more incentive to travel down to Killarney. Maybe I will during the summer… Will my voucher still be valid? 😉

  2. This just makes it even more painful that my beautiful Specialised hybrid has been nicked.

    I was really looking forward to some Kerry jaunts come summer.

  3. Keep that voucher. Of course we’ll honor it. And Copernicus, I feel your pain. I had a Specialised bike stolen as well many years ago. It was the love of my life (well, as much as bikes can be)!

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