A Baking Day

We had a baking day in production with 6 of us, working on new recipes and combinations of flavours for cakes for the shops. It's really one of my favourite things, playing with taste and coming up with new combinations. 

I think the winner was our take on an Irish coffee cake - a chocolate sponge (with me, there always should be some chocolate) with a layer of whiskey cream, frosted with coffee cream. Keep an eye out for it in Dingle and Killarney!

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5 thoughts on “A Baking Day

  1. Nice blog! I found it thanks to a blog friend and Kerryman in Sweden. I´ve passed your shop in Dingle many times the last years but never entered. Last time, a few weeks ago was excused, it was closed. I´ll come back! (Dingle was a bit scary in January, closed down in a way I´ve never seen before!)

    Lovely to see all the photos from Wren´s day. Next time hopefully I´ll be there!


  2. My daughter and I are huge fans! We’ve being going to Dingle at Easter for the last few years and Murphy’s is our first stop! Looking forward to trying those cakes soon.

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