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Castle Off License One of the new developments in the Irish gourmet food world is the emergence of off licenses with a selection of gourmet foods. The new Castle Off License in Castle Street, Tralee is a good example of this. Besides a good range of booze, they sell local smoked salmon, Irish cheeses, chocolates, and our ice cream among other things. It’s definitely worth a visit.

I think this trend makes sense, especially if the off license specialises in fine wines or upscale spirits, for those customers would tend to be interested in unique foods as well. There certainly are other off licenses around the country that are doing the same – the Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin was one of our first customers…

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7 thoughts on “Off License – Gourmet Shop

  1. Sounds as though Bubble Brothers should get in touch! (Hi Kieran, I’m still struggling to come up with five non-mundane things about me that anyone might care to know…)

  2. Kieran,

    On our upcoming trip to Dingle, we would be very interested in learning more about Irish cheese. Being Wisconsinites, we feel like we know a little bit about cheese. We very much enjoy the Irish cheese that we are able to get here.

    Are there any cheese making operations in Co. Kerry? If not where are the best shops to buy Irish cheese. Would the shop that you spoke about in Tralee be the closest?



  3. I know you are doing your best to promote your ice-cream, but really, this recommendation is not worthy of you. Castle Off-licence has a variety of wines that any self respecting buckfast wino would thoroughly dissaprove. My Statoil has a better range. I hope this helps you.

  4. has Zinnia been into this store and seen the wide range of extremely good quality wines that the Castle stocks?? Just wondering if its the same shop as I’ve never come accross a Statoil stocking and €95 bottle of wine!

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