Climbing Mt. Brandon

Brandon view The legs of this ice cream man are a bit sore today after climbing Mt. Brandon yesterday.

Mt. Brandon lake

After weeks of rain, we had a little window of opportunity and grabbed it. Five of us went up at the behest of a friend who is heading off to Australia to get married.

It was a sort of walking bachelor party, and what a place to do it. It’s a highly recommended climb on a clear (or relatively clear day), and it took us about 4 1/2 hours.

We took a taxi to the Brandon side, which is a prettier ascent and then descended on the Ballydavid side.

Finally, we piled into a pub for some well-deserved pints. What a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Climbing Mt. Brandon

  1. It surely looks like a beautiful and scenic climb. What sort of equipments did you use when you climbed Mt Brandon? I’m just interested because I’m the type of climber who loves challenges. Is it a fair climb or do I have to bring with my all my gears and equipments. Thanks for featuring this though.

    — stephen

  2. We did it with no equipment other than hiking boots, mobile phones, chocolate, and warm clothes. The latter because fog can roll in and it gets very cold at the top.

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