Chocoholic Radio Listeners:

It would appear that I will be on a panel discussing chocolate on RTE Radio’s Tubridy show tomorrow morning (9:00-10am), for anyone who is interested in such things. There will be a chocolatier as a chocolate sceptic. I seem to have been chosen for my chocoholic tendencies…

(Post-show P.S.: If you want to listen to it, the link is here)

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5 thoughts on “Chocoholic Radio Listeners:

  1. Hi Kieran,

    I really enjoyed the chocolate programme and could not leave my radio set until it was over. I then immediatley made some good coffee and searched my cupboard for some real nice dark chocolate. What an amazingly simple combination and so ancient. I have put your website on my favorites. Good luck with the business. Keith

  2. Glad to see that Ryan caught you on your chocolate snobbery! Ill have to withness you eating a selection box from Cadburys! 🙂

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