Let Them Eat (Ice Cream) Cake

Ice Cream Cake We’ve been making ice cream cakes on and off for the past few years, mostly for birthdays. They are something that we have never marketed, but rather something spread by word of mouth.

This year, however, we’ve been taking them a little more seriously, and have tried to have them in stock most of the time in the Killarney shop for people to eat by the slice. For the past month we’ve had them in the Dingle shop as well. People absolutely adore them.

Eating Ice Cream CakeThey are deceptively simple and extremely tasty. I wanted to photograph the slice on the right, and I ended up eating a good part of it before I took a decent photograph. Then I ate the rest…

We’re still trying to work out the best flavour combinations and the best decorations.

However, we are going to try to get some into a few shops around the country by Christmas, so stay tuned if it’s your kind of thing…

P.S. We can make them gluten-free!

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26 thoughts on “Let Them Eat (Ice Cream) Cake

  1. It’s actually very easy – we crumble oreos for the base, then pour two layers of ice cream before it’s fully frozen, then decorate the top!

  2. Hi,

    These cakes look fab yum. My brother is turning 18 in March and he would love an ice cream cake for his Party. Only problem is we live in Cork and I cant find anyone here that makes these cakes, any ideas??

  3. I don’t know of any places in Cork. We have some in our Killarney shop, but I think it would melt before you could get it home! We do hope, however, to start wholesaling these, so you might find some near you within a few months…

  4. Hi Kieran, I’m throwing a going away party for my friend in Dublin. She’s allergic to wheat so we thought an ice cream cake would be perfect. I saw above that you were thinking of wholesaling your cakes, anywhere in Dublin they can be bought?

  5. Hi Kieran, I’m looking for an ice-cream cake for my Grannies 80th birthday up in Donegal. Any chance you can supply up there? Or do you think I could keep one frozen if I picked it up in Wicklow St?

  6. Thanks for thinking of us, and we’d love to help you. However, we don’t have any delivery to Donegal, and there’s no way a cake would make it there from Dublin without a freezer box, and even then would be a bit worrying. Do you have one?

  7. Hi
    I just did a quick search for icrecream cake Cork and you showed up – are you still operating in Kerry and would you be able to have one of your lovely looking cakes for next week – have a friend in Killarney next thurs and they could bring it up Friday..

  8. Kieran, It is my daughter’s birthday this Thursday. Would you be able to complete and deliver an ice-cream birhday cake in time. How about delivery?

  9. We do have ice cream cakes in our Dublin shop on Wicklow Street. If, by any chance you had a freezer bag, I’d say you’d get it home all right! Would that work? Thanks so much for your interest.

  10. Hi,I live about 20minutes from killarney,My friends turning 18 and we were going to have a suprise birthday for her in two weeks time and i think she would love an ice-cream cake,i was wondering how much they cost and if ye do photos on the cake or know of anywhere in killarney that does. Thanks.

  11. Hi
    Please can you let me know if your Wicklow street shop still makes icecream cakes and if so do you deliver to Dublin?

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