Caffe Latte Freddo

Latte Freddo A customer in our Dingle shop told me about a coffee drink that she had come across in Italy. I had never heard of it and so I tried it out with good results. It’s very simple – you take a glass of very cold milk and add a shot of espresso. With all the hot weather we’ve been having here it makes a refreshing way to get a coffee hit. The only downside is it is not a sipping drink. You tend to reach the bottom of the glass in a hurry!

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3 thoughts on “Caffe Latte Freddo

  1. Coffee Society in Dublin (Ranelagh, Harcourt Road, Liffey Street) do this, but call it an Iced Latte. It’s the same, but with ice cubes.

    I was a bit surprised when I first ordered it as expected it to be frappéd, but it is quite nice. Bit too milky for my liking, and they don’t do soya milk unfortunately.

  2. Very strong flavour, was it? We have a cinnamon in the cabinet, but it’s not super strong. We find we often have to tone down flavours for our customers…

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