Taste of Dublin

 Taste of Dublin2 Yesterday my brother and I went to the Taste of Dublin at Dublin Castle. The idea was to be able to sample some of the dishes of Dublin’s best restaurants, including Roly’s BistroL’EcrivainChapter One, Diep le Shakar. In addition, there were food producers handing out samples or selling their wares, and cooking demonstrations by chefs.

Taste of DublinThe afternoon was sunny, and a huge crowd turned up. The wine flowed, the music pumped, and the various restaurants churned out small portions of their dishes on paper plates.

We met some friends there and had a good time, although it was a bit disappointing to see many big corporations such as the ubiquitous Starbucks along side the small Irish producers.

Today, on a damp, cold morning, we visited a few of our customers in the city and then headed home. As I crossed the border into Kerry, the weather improved, and it struck me as always just how lucky I am to be living in such a beautful place. I headed out the Dingle peninsula toward the sun listening to John Kelly’s Mystery Train and very happy to be out of the city and back home.

Kerry Beach

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8 thoughts on “Taste of Dublin

  1. wow I always imagined Ireland to be very green and gloomy, but not at all blue and sunny. It’s definitely a nice corner of the world you’re in.

    I was just talking to another blogger about how Starbucks is taking over the world. I know here in Aus there will be a SB on evey corner soon.

  2. Hi Kieran,
    I have a friend from work Michele who’s traveling to Ireland and will be in Dingle at the end of July, of course I told her she had to visit the shop and say hi for me.. So I was searching the internet for the shop website and found your fabulous blog!

    So be on the look-out for Michele, she’ll be the one with the Staten Island accent – she’s a riot, you’ll love her! I really hope my husband Jeff and I will also be able to visit someday.

    Anyway, its wonderful to see you are all doing so well, and I just read Sean and Wiebke are expecting another baby! Please pass on my love and congratulations to them as well as your parents.


  3. Yeah, Jenjen, we do get sun every once in a while! Starbucks has burst onto the scene in Dublin, and I’m surprised they’re not everywhere in Aussie by now.

    Good to hear from you Ariana, and we’ll try to take care of your friend. Will pass on to Sean…

  4. Depressingly, Starbucks are all over NZ too – you couldn’t throw the proverbial stone in Christchurch without it going through the window of one of their branches. I was really surprised to see them at Taste of Dublin. What’s so Dublin (or tasty) about this international chain?

  5. Hello,

    I like the concept, I went to check it out and it was quite nice. The only problem in my view was the price they charged for that event.
    It seemed to be orientated towards wealthy consumers : 25€ as the basic charge was far too high. It cost me about 70€ to really enjoy the event.
    I have heard there is a similar event happening in the RDS on the 6,7 and 8th of October.
    Also it is much cheaper and targets everyone. The entry fee is 10€ and then attendees can buy vouchers from €0,50.
    regarding the entertainment they seem to have also music concerts, kids entertainment etc… More of a family fun day.
    I was told about that event by a friend, they have a website up for it : http://www.tastefest.ie.
    Will definitly try this one out !!

  6. I attended the taste of Dublin for the third time this year, the first year it was excellent, last year was pretty good, this year it was very disappointing. It was certainly more expensive than previous years at €90 for two (incl 20 euro food vouchers each). Hard times have certainly hit the vendors with little or no free tasters (except sausages and chocolate) and the cuisine on offer to buy was very disappointing, in previous years restaurants made a conscious effort to showcase what the dining experience in their establishments was like to encourage punters to try the real deal with quality mini versions of what you would expect in their restaurants.

    This year I felt that most of the restaurants were solely in it to make a quick buck, with cheap finger food such as fish or steak and chips and burgers on most stalls – where has all the haute cuisine disappeared to? I felt it was a poor advertisement for Dublin’s so called fine dining restaurants.

    Finally, having went in at 2pm on Sunday and then to be herded out like sheep at 4pm was the icing on the cake for what has clearly become a money grabbing venture as opposed to a celebration of food on this Island. As you might expect I will not be attending next year.

  7. Thanks for the feedback, Liam. Shame to hear it’s gone downhill so. Shame also if restaurants have downgraded offerings at it, since taste buds don’t disappear in a recession. Mind you, it’s very, very expensive to take a stall there, so perhaps they feel its only worth it if they can recoup enough money…

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