Flamenco girl I´ve taken a week to travel a bit in Andalucia, looking for inspiration and the possibility of opening a shop here. The latter is a fairly crazy notion because of the transportation from Ireland, but given the outrageous rents at home, it could well be that transportation costs are offset by lower rent.

Mind you, there seem to be as many cranes on the skyline in Spain as in Ireland, so who knows…

Caves In any case, I´m having a bit of trouble connecting here, so it looks like I will have to wait until I find a more reasonable connection before posting more and just enjoy the scenery…

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2 thoughts on “Andalucia

  1. Hi,

    Is it an ice cream shop you want to open? W have a house in Martos, which is a ten minute drive from Jaen city. Martos has a lovely ice-cream shop opposite it’s park and does a roaring trade. It is run similarly to a restaurant with tables inside and out. It also sells alcohol and sits alongside cafe bars etc. The spanish and tourists can be seen sitting at the ice-cream shop into the small hours of the morning. I think your business could be a success given the right location.

    Ronnie & Angela

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