How to Make a Milkshake

Today in the Dingle shop, as part of our preparations for the Easter rush, we had a meeting with myself, my brother, and the two shop managers to work out exact specifications for each of our desserts. Basically that means we made each of our desserts and argued over what exactly goes into them and what’s the best way of serving them.

We ended up with lots of desserts that we had to eat and, after tackling a sundae, I was faced with a chocolate milkshake. There is worse punishment to be had!

It’s easy making a milkshake, but hard making it smooth with a regular blender or food processor (we have a special shake blender). Here’s how you can do it:

Chocolate milkshakeMurphys Chocolate Milkshake

Ingredients (serves 1): 

2 scoops Murphys chocolate ice cream

1 cup milk.

What to do:

1. Put the chocolate ice cream and milk in the blender or food processor and allow it to soften for at least five minutes (or more if you followed my storage instructions and had to chip it from a rock-hard tub). Blending it straight away will leave lumps of ice cream in the shake.

2. Blend until smooth on high speed.

3. Garnish with cream and chocolate shavings if you have the patience and any about the place.


(Of course it doesn’t have to be chocolate. You can make a milkshake with any flavour ice cream.)

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6 thoughts on “How to Make a Milkshake

  1. What a delightful sight! I will be spending time in Dingle during my 40th birthday week (May 12-May 18) and have been conducting research on things to see and do around and about Dingle while I am there (though, my main desire is to simply laze about, take leisurely walks, knock about in town, and visit several beaches:->). I’ve been dreaming about this trip since the first time I saw Ryan’s Daughter several years ago, and am greatly looking forward to my visit.

    Ice-cream is my absolute favorite indulgence. I grew up in Somerset, NJ, with a local, soft-serve ice-cream shop right around the corner- I could see the back of the shop from my bedroom window – so my love for this sweet substance started early. I graduated to tastier and gourmet quality ice-cream when they opened a Thomas Sweet Ice Cream & Chocolate shop in a town about 5 minutes drive from where I grew up and where I went to college (Rutgers College) (the shop is in New Brunswick, NJ – the flagship store is in Princeton, NJ). They have a patented machine that creates TRUE blend-ins. The mixture is always a perfect, creamy blend of the items you mix into your favorite ice-cream flavors. I always get french vanilla and sweet cream with a double portion of orea cookies. Yum. Then I get a dollup of their fresh whipped cream on top (made from good old fashioned heavy cream). Oh – and let me not forget, I also love sprinkles and they make the best chocolate sprinkles on the planet!

    My second favorite ice-cream parlor is another shop in Princeton called Halo Pub. Superb chocolate ice-cream can be found there.

    Finally, on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, there is a shop called Mad Martha’s, which makes excellent shakes – well, that is, next to my own.

    This brings me to my comment about your shake recipe. You are right, it’s quite difficult to re-create the creaminess that most ice-cream parlors (that specialize in high-quality ice-cream ingrediants) can generate using the equipment that’s at their disposal. However, I’ve found that using, even a store-brand ice-cream, with all the fillers and stuff (I know – yuk), can become delectable with the addition of good chocolate syrup and REAL HEAVY CREAM. The heavy cream gives it that extra kick and creaminess. Throw it all into a regular blender and you are in for a taste sensation. I just discovered this last year, and have been happily making my own shakes ever sense. I live in Alabama now, and you would think a warmer climate would be cause for ice-cream parlors on every corner. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The best I can do here is the Cold Stone Creamery chain (just adequate) and Dairy Queen (awful!). So, except for my excursions back home to Jersey where I can visit Thomas Sweets and Halo Pub or trips to the Vineyard and Mad Martha’s, I’m left to my home concoctions.

    I so look forward to my visit to Dingle and Murphy’s. You will likely see me there daily during my holiday. I’ll be easily recognizable – the lone Black chick for miles around (I’m pretty sure):->.

    May this year be full of joy, fun, and happy times making and serving ice-cream!

    God Bless and All the best,
    Kim Q.

  2. Thanks, Kim! Those are some good tips. We will look forward to seeing you, and I hope you’re not to freaked by the big 40. Just passed that marker myself…

  3. Hello,

    Does anyone know where I can buy milkshakes in bulk? I work for a company with 75 people and for St. Patricks Day we want to make some nice green milkshakes but without the hassle of having to use a blender. Does anyone know if we can buy milkshakes in?


  4. Thanks for this very useful recipe! Just gave it a try a few minutes ago and I’m delighted to be able to make my own shakes, almost as good as in the local McDonalds!

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