There is a such romance about the Djemaa el Fna , with the exotic expectation of the snake charmers and fire-breathers that the reality leaves one a little disappointed. The cobras seem small and doped up – the charmers have to flick at them to get them to stand up. As for the stalls, there is little that we haven’t seen in other towns around Morocco, although the spices are better displayed!

Still, there is a great pleasure in looking at the bustle of it all – the seething crowds, the darting mopeds, and hearing the clamour of the music and storytellers, especially when drinking deliciously cold, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and munching on dates…

Mind you, a much better way to spend time in Marrakech is to sneak away to the Jardin Majorelle and spend some time among the plants and beautiful colours. (You could even bring along the dates!)


One thought on “Marrakesh

  1. Hi Kieran, congratulations for your first blog!
    What a fun trip and so cheap!!! I was in Marrakesch in 1973 and the market was still pure magic then. Essaouira was my favorite place. I was driving around in my father’s old VW with Cliff sitting next to me and I got the evil eye from the peasants by the road… a woman driving?
    I wish I could have joined you. Who did you travel with?
    The icream recipes sound delicious. Love to all,

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