A West Kerry Forage

There are all sorts of tasty things on bushes at this time of year, and my mother suggested I do something with Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides). A friend of hers had them in abundance, and so we went out to harvest the little berries.

I cooked them with a bit of sugar, blended them, and then strained it to remove the seeds.

The beautiful orange berries have a remarkable taste, extremely tart and nicely earthy, but it takes a lot of work and patience (the berries are tiny, and the black seeds inside them are very large). In the end I had only a small amount of coulis.

An hour’s picking with two people didn’t provide enough for a single batch of ice cream, and only about 400ml of the delicious coulis. If you have some around, it could be a great touch for a dinner party, though…

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3 thoughts on “A West Kerry Forage

  1. Kieran, I spent last week in Killarney and tried your ice cream. I’m not a fan of sweets (I like vegetables and salty food) but peppermint ice cream is cool! You are very talented ice cream man.

    Kerry is one of the most beatiful places on our planet and most beatiful place in Ireland. I was somewhere near the lake and now I know exactly that God lives here.

  2. Looks great. I live in California but visited Ireland and Dingle about 10 years ago. Would love to go back. Very friendly and beautiful country. Hopefully I will get to try your ice cream shop out someday. Keep up the good work.

  3. That’s a whole lot of work for a few berries. But it seems worth it as it was so tasty. I go forriging (spelt right?) with my sis who is a nutritionist. It’s pretty cool and a good laugh. Nothing like some fresh organic mushys. Now you’re talking.

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