Happy Hunting, Ivan

Today, Ivan, the ice cream dog, passed away. He was a huge part of our lives, especially Sean & Wiebke, Conor & Una. Ivan was a big part of Murphys Ice Cream as well, because in the early days he lay across the doorway of our Dingle shop, keeping an eye on us and forcing customers to stumble over him to come in for an ice cream or coffee. They didn’t seem to mind, and he made a big impression.

Ivan has been sick for a while and by the end could barely lift his head or recognise me. That’s not how I will remember him, though. I’ll remember Ivan for the majestic dog he was, chasing sticks on Ventry beach and holding court on Strand Street, convincing tourists he hadn’t been fed in a month and deserved the last few bites of their cones.

RIP. We’ll miss you terribly!

7 thoughts on “Happy Hunting, Ivan

  1. Aw that’s heartbreaking. He was the most adorable dog. Loved the way he sat outside the shop door preying on innocent passers by with his cuteness lol. Rip Ivan.

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