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 We’re trying to improve our chocolate ice cream, and it’s meant lots of chocolate tasting around the place (not too many complaints from that, mind you).

Chocolate is a very tricky flavour, I think, since people rarely agree on chocolate. It’s either too dark or too light, it’s either too rich or too thin. We’ve always done a medium strength chocolate, using real melted chocolate, which makes it very luxurious, but not really strong enough for serious cocoa-heads.

I think the way we will go now is to do a range of chocolate ice creams, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to know what the average preference is out there, so please take a moment to vote!
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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Poll

  1. Best ice cream I’ve had has been in Italy – real dark, almost nutty and kinda creamy too. Can’t stand the stuff with the watery aftertaste – e.g. new Ben and Jerry’s Low Fat.

  2. I loved the ones that you made with the Valrona single estate chocolate! A really deep , complex flavour. The chocolate sorbet is too chocolaty for me!

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