Anyone who’s been reading these pages for long enough knows that ourselves and other Killarney traders had to survive nine horrific months of construction on Main Street (ending in May 2007). What’s amazing is that they are at it again. Needless to say we’re not pleased about re-living the disruption to business, the sound of jackhammers, and fences outside our shop. I don’t know how long it’s going to go on or what’s the reason for it. One would like to think they would have gotten it right the first time and didn’t forget anything when they had the street open for such a long period, so I have a few alternate theories:

  1. The head engineer lost his keys “somewhere under there.”
  2. Given the government’s talk of redundancies and cutbacks, everyone at the council is trying to look very, very busy.
  3.  Grey paving stones are “like, so 2007.”
  4. In these straightened times, councils are now responsible for finding their own sources of oil and are digging frantically. 
  5. It’s all an excuse to put up a peace wall between Main Street and New Street. 

Not sure. I am open to other theories…

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2 thoughts on “Reconstruction

  1. Ooooh how annoying ! I love your theories though, especially the government one – very good and cheered up a rainy day 🙂 Hehee

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