Any Ideas?

 We’ve been working on our meringues again (recipe here), and here’s a dessert that we’d like to introduce into the shops.

It’s a meringue nest base, filled with cream. On top of that is a scoop of ice cream, some sauce, some more cream, and a little meringue hat.

We’ve tried it with:

  • Strawberry ice cream and strawberry sauce
  • Honeycomb ice cream and caramel sauce
  • Chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce

… and they are all delicious.

The problem is, we need a name for this dessert.

Any ideas?

(If you think up a good one, I’ll give you a free one on your next trip to Kerry!)

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23 thoughts on “Any Ideas?

  1. I think you should call them fro-poes — short for frozen pavlovas! That’s what they make me think of actually — instead of berries you have gorgeous ice cream!

  2. Well, my straight ahead response is that it’s an Ice Cream Pavlova, but if you want something a little more poetic, the meringue is light as a cloud, so… Sundae in the Clouds? Cloud Nine Sundae?

  3. Joan’s right, it has to be a mountain, preferably a snowcapped one.
    Hows about a Montblanc? a bit corny,but nicely obvious.
    That way you can have Chocolate Montblanc etc……

  4. Sorry Martin, that is not good, as far as I know Mont Blanc is a dessert made with chestnut puree… I would go with Jen’s, Cloud Nine Pavlova or something similar…

  5. Too bad I’m not there to help with the tasting! I like the Mount Brandon angle. What about calling it a ( Finbarr/ Lichtenberg/ Light-Mountain) -“Finn Bar”- or -“Fionn Bar”-?
    Have you tried out the lemon mirangue pie version? Pavlova, Lemon ice cream? topped with whipped cream and maybe cookie crumbs?

  6. Hi Kieran,
    Looking forward to the Dingle Food festival this weekend! How about calling your new dessert Meringutangtastic…just popped into my head…a little long perhaps!

  7. Great stuff, here is what I came up with:
    -Snow Cap
    -Ice Nest
    -Frozen Easter
    -Bunny Bomb
    -Snow Scarf (looks like a little man with a large scarf wrapped around)

    All the best!

  8. I don’t know, with it’s pointy top, it looks like Cruach Mhárthain. Martin in Clouds?

    By the way, we did get into the shop (An Daingean) several times, last week while in town (although now back in DC, and already missing the fabulous coffee and ice cream!). The folks in the shop we so lovely, (especially Sara) and we told everyone we met to stop in (and who could resist with the glorious weather last week?). Stopping in for coffee was the last thing we did, meeting our friend Sandra, before driving to the airport.

  9. I think there gorgeous! Just like little works of art!

    They look like

    “Ice Cream Pedestals” (pedestal – position of high regard or adoration – I think that’s how I would esteem these treats if I tried them!)


    “Ice Cream in the Round” (sculpture in the round – is made to be seen and enjoyed from all directions…just like these treats!)

    Looks good! Maybe worth a trip to Ireland =O)

  10. why not “nid d’amour” (love nest in French ?) or “nuage d’ange” (angel cloud) ?

  11. I’m thinking about “Iceberg” or if you mean that the name of a mountain could be ok, why not “Everest” or “Fuji Yama” (because Mont Blanc is a cream, mostly vanilla or chocolate) with my preference for the last one.

  12. Looks like an Easter nest complete with Easter egg to me. So why not call it “(Strawberry, chocolat . etc. etc. ) nest egg”?

  13. You could call them Snowmans Suprise and if people asked what the suprise was then you could have a little spoonfull of coulis on the meringue before placing the scoop of ice cream on top.

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