Caffe Latte Poll

Caffe Latte As we look at what we put on our menu boards for our shops in 2008, I was wondering about flavoured lattes. We already have the option of a Latte al Caramello (caramel latte), have played around with other flavours, and should we offer them all the time?

Please take part in the following poll, and feel free to comment if it is too restricting!



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11 thoughts on “Caffe Latte Poll

  1. I totally agree with the Bailys Latte option mmmm! But to add to the debate I firmly believe that coffees belong in cups or mugs and not glasses! Just thought Id add to the debate! Happy Christmas!

  2. Hazelnut, Its my favorite flavour, in coffee and in Hot chocolate, really gives it a kick! Iced drinks are also so good in the summer!

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