Construction in Killarney, Part 3

Construction on Main Street Killarney Things seem to be looking up for our poor, beleaguered shop in Killarney, as the construction on Main Street is continuing apace. The Killarney UDC promised us that the sidewalk outside our shop would be finished by the end of January, and it looks like they have made good on that promise.

Main Street Construction

You can see from the photos that they are putting down the paving slabs outside our door…

Hopefully the entire project will be complete by the middle of March, which means that we will be operating in a construction zone for the next month and a half. However, as we open the shop for the season day after tomorrow, at least customers will be able to get to us!

We certainly hope that the redevelopment of Main Street will improve the town, and it will give more of a plaza feel to our street. The downside is it might make traffic worse and parking more difficult.

We’ve also been promised permission for a couple of tables outside, and the happy thought of people drinking coffee and eating ice cream outside helps to mitigate the construction disruption to our business…

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2 thoughts on “Construction in Killarney, Part 3

  1. Kieran,

    Thanks so much for the advice on our trip from Shannon to Dingle. Look forward to visiting the Ice Cream Shop later that day!

    Looks like a lot of construction going on in front of the other shop. We hope to visit the National Park one day while we are there.

    See you in a couple of weeks.

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