A Long Way to Go

Olive Oil Display I am happily back in Kerry now, and spent most of a busy bank holiday Sunday in our Dingle shop.

Herme Shop WindowThe most lasting impression of this last trip and the food world in Paris is how upscale many of the boutiques have become and how far ahead they are in terms of care of mouth-watering presentation and the sheer love of food.

From the excess of Hediard and Fauchon to tiny shops selling anything from olive oil to tea to cheese, there is an attention to detail that is lacking in Ireland. And boy, have some of them become super-posh!

Ireland has come such a long way, and it is now producing some gourmet food products that I believe are as good anywhere in the world. But in terms of the retail end of the food business, it has a long way to go.

This is not meant as a criticism, since we don’t have the same tradition of food, and for so many centuries we were lucky enough to eat anything at all. Still, I think that anyone with a food shop or cafe in Ireland would do very well wandering the streets of Paris to bring back ideas (that is, if you need an excuse). I know that I came back with a trunk load…

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3 thoughts on “A Long Way to Go

  1. Yum, yum, and more yum.. your blog entries are a visual feast – which always make me feel hungry ! Hope you had a great time in Paris.

    And, before I go… big congratulations for the beautiful new addition to your family. It was so lovely to see your niece in the included photos and You Tube footage

  2. Hello there!
    The Pierre Marcolini place at Sablon in Brussels sounds similar to the one in France it was more like a top jewellery store than a chocolate shop. But the one in NYC on 58th and Park is really nice, its quite small and the staff are really friendly. I am working now only four blocks from it – dangerous but amazing hot chocolate…just like Murphy’s bittersweet(!).
    I heard my family were down over the weekend.
    Talk Soon k

  3. Good to hear it’s better in NYC! I didn’t see any hot chocolate in the Paris shop… And yes, it was good to see your parents. I almost gave them your pink champagne sorbet!

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