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I am in the Big Smoke after dropping ice cream to the Great Taste Awards. They are being hosted by Fallon and Byrne, a customer of ours with a new shop on Wicklow Street. Rather than go for a wide range of goods, they have chosen carefully and have a limited but tasty selection of foods. I would give you a link, but it seems their website is down…

My brother had signed us up for Bord Bia’s International Specialty Food Forum, and since ten companies including Tesco and Jurys Doyle expressed an interest in meeting us, he asked me to hang around in Dublin for couple of days and help him out. I didn’t need much coaxing. The meetings are not until tomorrow, and it is fun being a tourist in the capital.

Last night I ate at Dunne and Crescenzi, nestled in next to the Piedmont wines, and it was a tasty, light option as I had gorged on juice at the aforementioned Fallon and Byrne, and did not have a huge hunger. For people complaining about value in Ireland, this restaurant chain certainly would not bust the wallet, and a simple but delicious insalata caprese made with buffalo mozzarella and a nice orvieto went down a treat.

Then it was off to the Abbey to get a bit of culture. Aurelias Oratorio was the offering, performed by Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter Aurelia Thierrée. It is a visually stunning piece and quite a bit of fun.

I am still disappointed with the coffee around the place, but more on that later, and if anybody has any recommendations…

Tonight I think we will head for Rolys Bistro, and who knows what else!

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3 thoughts on “Out and About in Dublin

  1. Coffee enthusiasts rage about La Corte del Caffe and Bar Italia (both part of the Dunne & Crescenzi empire), available in the Epicurian Food Hall, at the Millenium Walkway, and a few other spots. Personally I hate it though. Too … soupy or something.

    I like Café Sol (Baggott St., Dawson St and others) but their outlets are very perfunctory (aimed at lunchtime office workers) and not suitable for enjoying a nice coffee (except perhaps the Hatch St outlet off Leeson St, though avoid between 12 and 3 when overrun by local students). There’s also one on Clare St. around the corner from the National Gallery and Natural Museum, which might be handy for a visit.

    Incidentally, I recently made a few batches of your chocolate brownies, to good effect. You should try Cafe Sol’s brownies, which I love and satisfy your non-fluffy criterion. 0 points for presentation, but then it’s not that kind of place. (Still, I think it’s a great indigenous business and the best placed to take on multinationals like Starbucks and Costa).

    Not sure about the quality of the coffee but the Mezzanine of Bewleys overlooking Grafton St. is a real Dublin experience that has recently been revitalised. They give you an amaretto, which is surely the influence of housemate CafeBarDeli. Definitely pop upstairs to Mackarel if you’re looking for a fish dinner – though being resident in Dingle you may be less deprived of good fish than those in Dublin.

  2. If you have some extra eating time, the Cellar Restaurant at the Merrion Hotel is a gorgeous place for a relaxed evening meal. Or, for some great Vietnamese food, Hô Sen in Temple Bar is definitely the place to go. And best of luck at the Great Taste Awards!

  3. Thanks a million for your suggestions. I really do appreciate it. I did eat in Mackaral, and how cool is it that they have a mojito (rum, mint, lime) on the menu!

    I have heard great things about Ho Sen all right, and it’s on my list…

    Thanks again.

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