Róisín’s First Meal

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This video shows Róisín taking her first bit of solid food – Biodynamic cereal made by Holle. Perhaps for non-parents, it will be of little interest, but for me this first taste reminded me once again of the immense value and joy of food. We take it so for granted, yet something as simple as a bit of ground grain can be an exciting and overwhelming experience…

2 thoughts on “Róisín’s First Meal

  1. having decided that we have finished at 3 daughters, i have been relieved to happily hold friends newborns and feel no sign of broodiness. watching this video however, i got the slight twinge of sadness that i’d never have that moment of watching the first meal again! watching roisin reminded me of the thrill in watching each one of my girls taste their first food – organic cereal for esme and iris but a lovely, ripe strawberry fresh from our garden for elsie (way too soon but she insisted!)

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