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Here’s a video Sean and I made as a follow on to Ice Cream Magic. You’ll hear about the brown bread ice cream and see production as well as the Dingle and Killarney Shops!

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3 thoughts on “Sean’s Travel Magic

  1. Greetings –

    I am continuing my lifetime involvement and fascination with the ice cream industry as a global technical consultant and presenter of training in ice cream technology. Your material pops up on my ice cream radar from time to time – always very interesting.

    In this case I have a specific question – it deals with the machine that appears in the Murphy’s segment of Sean’s Travel Magic that appeared on April 2. I occasionally work with folks who use a batch freezer for their production and need to deal with the matter of getting it into small packages, such as pints and quarts here in the USA. A variety of approaches are used, but I’ve not seen a machine like the one in your clip. Do you have any knowledge of the identity of the manufacturer of the machine and how to get in touch with them?

    I look forward to further coverage of ice cream in Ireland.

    Bruce Tharp

  2. Sean’s magic seems to be improving everytime he tries it. Pretty soon he’ll be able to “zap” some of that Brown Bread Ice Cream over here to Milwaukee!

  3. Bruce: I found our filler in the UK (it used to belong to the Prince of Wales, who has an organic ice cream company!). I think it was a custom job as there is no brand on it. However, hand fillers like this do exist…
    Ron: He’ll have to work on that! First, however, I want him to zap me somewhere warm…

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