Playing with YouTube: Espresso

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I opened up a YouTube account, and here’s my first meagre effort. I do think ice cream would have been better for an opening attempt, but I was in the shop all day today making coffee, so that was what was on my mind…

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7 thoughts on “Playing with YouTube: Espresso

  1. Hello there,
    I liked the settling images.

    You might want to take a little look at the terms and conditions that YouTube impose. There are better offers in the free video sharing world.

    Take a look at the tuppenceworth blog and search for “terms and conditions” for a fuller review.

  2. Thanks Kieran! A great start; and, as you may know, I’m very keen to do something similar for Bubble Brothers. But, from what Simon says, my Luddite suspicions about the YouTube small print aren’t groundless. If I find a ‘better offer’, I’ll let you know about it.

  3. Neat!

    I used to have a Dubliner roommate who said “Pint o’ Guinness” over and over instead of “I think I can” when running or hiking up a tough hill.

    Thanks for stirring up a nice memory.

  4. Thanks a million, everyone! Simon – that’s a great help – I just read the piece. I’ll have to look at the other ones. In the mean time, if they want my first attempt, they can have it! Thanks, Julian, do let me know. And Myra – my father went working in NY, which is where I did most of my growing up, so I’m afraid the accent came back to Ireland with me!

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